Unique grape flavours

It’s cold here in Tumbarumba. Snow, frosts, blizzards. This is mountain country, no easy place to grow grapes, no easy place to live on the land. But with everything in life, there are contradictions. Each year in the cold climate, a dance occurs between the vignerons and nature. Vines are nurtured, weather watched, knowledge shared, […]

Collaborating with each other unites us

We’re an association that represents the vignerons of the Tumbarumba wine region. We’re here to enhance, uphold and promote Tumbarumba’s unique grape flavours and distinctive wine styles. For we know this is the reason why our grapes and wines are so sought after. But to do this isn’t easy. We work with researchers and others […]

Weather stations at two sites in Tumbarumba

The New South Wales Weather Station Network forms part of a broader electronic pest and disease warning system, a key initiative of the Skills Development Program for NSW grapegrowers and winemakers. This Program builds the capacity of the NSW wine industry to resolve issues and implement innovation, and is funded by NSW Department of Primary […]